Phone Number

+57 3183516267

Phone Number

+57 3183516267


About Team Fulvio

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals trained to provide comprehensive care based on ethical values, knowledge, confidentiality, innovation and human warmth, with the aim of satisfying the needs in beauty, health and well-being of each of our clients. In our staff we have highly qualified commercial advisors to solve all your concerns related to the process prior to your surgery, auxiliary doctors trained in solving your doubts regarding the procedure to be performed by the plastic surgeon, our CEO, an expert in administrative processes and protocols that guarantee the safety of our procedures, Nurses and beauticians trained to support you in the post-operative recovery phase and of course our surgeon Dr. Fulvio Correa in charge of making your dreams come true.


Our Team Mates

Physician assistant

Dra. Melanie Pérez

Administrative assistant

Vanessa Perez

Commercial assessor

Shakira Baena

Bilingual commercial assessor

Yarima Marquez


Mary Martelo